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Sky Court

Casey Black-a seventeen-year-old butch lesbian-lives a quiet life with her grandfather in a small, central-Illinois town. When not at school or working at the Wise Owl Café, she spends her time at home in her grandfather’s subsidized apartment complex, Sky Court. But when seven-year-old Patricia Dale goes missing, Casey joins the search for the girl, despite the objections of her grandfather and her laid-back boss.

Fellow Sky Court residents and local high-school basketball stars Steve Jones and Trevor Morrison rarely interact with Casey. But that changes once Casey discovers the secret they are hiding. Amid washing dishes and helping search for the missing child, Casey falls for another Sky Court resident, Rowena Miller, a former cheerleader who returned a different person after a semester abroad in France. Soon, the lives of Casey, Rowena, Steve, and Trevor intertwine in ways they never expected.


Faith Mosley

Faith Mosley has been telling stories since her childhood, when she and her brother would type up their tales on their beloved orange Olivetti typewriter and then carefully bind them together into books. Over the years, she has worked as a dishwasher, a shipping clerk, an AmeriCorps recruiter, a teacher, a financial aid officer, a claims assistant for the VA, a career development specialist, and a GED intake specialist. She earned a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Iowa and a bachelor’s in liberal arts from Western Illinois University. Her work was included in the short story anthology Lez Talk: A Collection of Black Lesbian Short Fiction (BLF Press, 2016). She now works as a reporter on a small town New Mexico newspaper. Sky Court is her first book.

Faith Mosley

Praise for Sky Court

“Faith Mosley’s Sky Court is a fabulous read. Combining the pleasures of the noir voiceover with a cinematic ability to drop in on all its key characters, Sky Court keeps us binge- reading. All the characters and story threads remind us that the biggest mysteries reside in the human heart.”

Author of Shy Girl

“In Sky Court, Faith Mosley weaves a powerful and haunting narrative. Mosley creates a rich cast of flawed characters that are believable and relatable, with a protagonist that you’ll be rooting for the whole way.”

Author of Vicious Is My Middle Name

“Sky Court is a young adult mystery with a twist. The twist being Casey, a high-school age Black woman who embodies butchness. Sky Court is the kind of book that would have been lifesaving to me when I was a young and struggling butch lesbian.”-

GWENDOLYN BIKIS, Author of Your Loving Arms, Cleo’s Gone, and Dog’s Dogs

“Mosley’s debut is ambitious, grappling with themes such as sexuality, family, and displacement.”

Kirkus Reviews

Other Writing

Flashpoint Publications

Intrinsically Butch

Included in forthcoming anthology, SWAGGER: A Celebration of the Butch Experience. Flashpoint Publications. Publishing date to be announced.

Lez Talk

Desk Duty

Included in the anthology, LezTalk, A Collection of Black Lesbian Short Fiction. BLF Press, 2016.

Brittle Paper

Brittle Paper

Short story Ghanaian Sunrise published in online journal, Brittle Paper, March 24, 2023.



Lambda Literary

Listed on Lambda Literary’s Most Anticipated Books for November 2022 in the mystery/thriller category.

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